I am SANDI-SQUIRTS, iFriends true squirting star. I am fit bodied, sensual Canadian woman with a vivid imagination. I get highly aroused and responsive to communicators that can stimulate both my mind and my body. Don’t be fooled by those “claiming” they can squirt. I am a TRUE squirting woman, meaning, when I am really turned on, I ejaculate!

My biggest turn on is someone who can stimulate my largest sexual organ: MY BRAIN. I’m down-to-earth and love to meet people. I love sex and I’m not afraid to try ANYTHING once. I am a very tall Canadian and I love people. A stimulating conversation is most important to me as I believe everything starts in the mind. I love meeting people and getting to know their fanatasies, hobbies and passions. I love to share my fantasies as well.
Here is a sample of Sandi showing off one of her many talents SQUIRTING!